Our Vision

At Mono Apps we are working day and night to build a thriving development hub for the greatest ideas and innovations in the world. Our mission is to bring together the best talent, networks and know-how to ensure good ideas have a chance to succeed in the rapidly-evolving world powered by digital technology.

We work with amazing people, like yourself, who have great ideas seeking a partner who can deliver.

Crowd-sourced ideas

We see ourselves as an ideas company crowdsourcing the greatest ideas and innovations, then partnering with the right people to make things happen. Ideas typically come in a few different shapes: improving an existing process, fabricating separate ideas into a new value proposition, and occasionally we discover a genuine “game changer”. Mono Apps can help you distill crowd-sourced data and articulate that into actionable strategies with a clear roadmap to bring your idea to market.

Rapid Development

We currently have a small but nimble team of creatives and developers who are united to deliver software products using Agile / Lean Startup approach. This allows us to deliver products with velocity, thus competitive advantage beyond immediate cost benefits. Our long-term plan is to grow centralised development hubs to offer scale economies to service our growing networks.

Why Mono Apps?

Mono Apps is more than just another app developer for hire – here are a few reasons why.

1. We’re your “technical co-founder”

2. We’re also entrepreneurs, like you!

3. We love people as much as technology

4. True Digital production capability

5. Agile contracts with “exit anytime” clauses

6. Insight-driven recommendations

7. Straight forward consulting

8. Protect your Intellectual Property

9. Deep experience and knowledge

10. We put “skin in the game”

Our Team

Mono Apps comprises a passionate and highly nimble team of talented people. We believe that attracting and maintaining top like-minded, top-performing professionals critical to our mission: creating a thriving development hub for the greatest ideas in the world.

Alex Profile Image


Code Conductor

Alex orchestrates the “technology backbone and pieces” to bring elegantly crafted products to market.

Alex Profile Image


Torch Bearer

Alex’s extensive commercialisation experience spans digital development, marketing and operations.

Siena Profile Image


Experience Designer

Siena creates digital experiences that resonate with each customer’s core motivations.

Working with us

Mono Apps isn’t an incubator or a hybrid Venture Capitalist with conflicting interests. We are a true development firm that has a clear and transparent process.

Clients who have had terrible experiences with cheaper firms often tell us how delighted they are to engage us through our Rapid Development Model.

In a nutshell …

We help you define your investment strategy, validate business assumptions, execute your product with an agile agreement so you can “pivot” midway through development then help you analyse and “spin hack” your way to traction.

People are saying …

“Mono Apps have been proactive and back up their recommendations with validations, which in turn allows us confidently make decisions for next steps.” – M Williams

“We asked a lot and they gave a lot. We look forward to tuning our IT/web strategy with Mono Apps.” – T Laurie

“I appreciate the straight forward and professional way that Mono Apps conducts their business, unlike tech firms I’ve encountered in the past, I’m impressed by their personable approach and clearly know their stuff to boot.” – S Walker